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“Prevent hip fractures by wearing a hip airbag on time”

Conny Helder, Minister for Long-Term Care & Sports, cites the Wolk hip airbag as an example of preventing care through the use of technology. “And by doing so, you save time, allowing for the provision of other care.”

“So, we should actually have such a hip airbag available everywhere in the Netherlands for those who benefit from it. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case. In my opinion, that should change very quickly.”

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Research by LUMC, the Leiden University Medical Centre, indicated a reduction of 45% of hip and pelvic fractures in older patients residing in long-term care facilities.

Published in BMC Geriatrics (2022).

Research by Vilans, the national Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands, indicated savings of approx. 100 hours and € 2,200 per client per year trough the use of the Wolk.

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Highlighted by the Dutch Healthcare Authority as an ‘example of good prevention’

Appointed as ‘Good Practice’ by health insurer VGZ

A positive impact case by health insurer CZ



✓  More freedom of movement
✓  Increased self-reliance

Healthcare professional

✓  Less concerns
✓  More time for other care

Family and caregivers

✓  Less concerns for loved ones

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